4 definitions by I. Will Bone

Outsourcing work to Americans living abroad. This gives you the quality of work expected from a developed country but at lower prices due to the lower cost of living in the foreign country.
I just outsourced my homework to some PhD student from Berkley on sabbatical in Kenya. I love Amerisourcing!
by I. Will Bone July 23, 2010
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A cute lesbian, as compared to the butcher variety known as a lesbo. Also known as a lipstick-lesbian.
I walked into the Cubbyhole and it was full of lesbies... Jackpot!
by I. Will Bone February 6, 2010
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The amount of money strong, powerful, and often secretly gay, women have.
Oprah and Susie Orman have lesbillions of dollars in their bank accounts, why do they think they can identify with the average housewife?
by I. Will Bone February 4, 2010
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When a toddler, often as part of the terrible twos or threes, refuses to sit in his stroller and the mother (exhausted from fighting with the child) decides to push on none-the-less.
Susan is having such a hard time with little Jeremiah, he refuses to sit down... he is getting to be quite an expert at stroller surfing.
by I. Will Bone April 1, 2010
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