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Corona; sometimes referred to as a beer containing a lime. However Corona also has another definition that only those with a science/heath text book would realize and know. The Corona is also the technical term for that of the ring of the penis. The most sensitive area of the male reproductive organ has a name and its name is the corona. Cornonas are found at the tip of the penis and goes around the penis in a ring-like fashion. Also could be described as the bottom of the head of the dick or the bottom puffy red rim of the mushroom.
Wow, the head of your penis has the biggest corona i have ever seen! I bet it sure is sensitive.
by I'm Mark James September 16, 2005

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A tasy wine mainly used to pregame with by young gay college boys. This wine is sweet, fruity, and can totally fuck u up. The reason behind its strong effect on people is its taste and the fastness of how ppl drink it.
Luke thought that Boones Farm was liguid smarties and now after three bottles hes in the dorm bathroom making a not so happy sound.

Yay! gay night in the dorms!! Bring the boones farm its thirsty thursday. :) cheers queers
by I'm Mark James October 13, 2005

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