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No sabo’ is a term used for people of Hispanic/Latino descendent that don’t know, or barely speak Spanish. Used for Hispanics/Latinos that try hard to act like they’re one or the other time it’s used is when the person that is Hispanic just doesn’t know Spanish.
Luis: why does Jamie always say compa and dress ranchero? Dude can’t even speak Spanish when his parents are straight up from Mexico and he has their pueblo in his bio even tho he hasn’t been there.
Martín: Fr, he is a no sabo kid
by I love my ego August 21, 2021
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Term used by white girls that wouldn’t date blacks but don’t want to seem racist so they say “I only like fluffy haired boys” which obviously means no blacks because they don’t have fluffy hair.
Emily’s Tiktok: when he has blonde, fluffy hair, golden retriever energy, blue eyes, and Mormon 😍😍😍
by I love my ego July 12, 2022
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Meat that is ether cheap in price, has strange features and looks/taste disgusting
Ron: Them Burger King chicken nuggets are only $1.99 for 20 pieces!
Ben: That ain’t chicken, that’s some mystery meat. Deer ankles
by I love my ego April 5, 2022
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Man nicked named the unabomber who was responsible for the death of 3 people between 1978 and 1995 who has recently become popular among internet users for his philosophy of modern technologies negative affects on society and the consequences of the industrial revolution.
user: Ted Kaczynski is based
by I love my ego July 12, 2022
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When a person is so fat, you can’t even see their knuckles from how fat their hands are.
Tom: check out my new finger tat
Dave: nice meat knuckles fatass
by I love my ego August 26, 2022
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emoji phrase for “dick riding
🚴 ♂️-riding
Tim: Drake is the GOAT, I listen to him daily and love him.

Ben: 🍆🚴 ♂️
by I love my ego July 29, 2022
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