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A girl of semi Spanish origin who, after about a day's worth of pressure, will have anal sex with you.

Payment/bribe must be given in the form of hula-hoops
or hula-hoop (singular.)
Tom: Can we have anal sex?
Nev: Ewww no, that's disgusting.
Tom: I'll give you a hula-hoop?
Nev:........Two hula-hoops.
by hurstyjew April 28, 2010

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A girl who is a 9 or ten, from the official female valuation game and who you would sleep with, even if it cost you more than £350, hypothetically.

Stemming probably from American Psycho fanatics.
Look at that those fit birds, *banging on the table followed by the inflected word "Harbody!!!" probably from the most sexually fustrated of the group.

That is a Hardbody
by Hurstyjew August 21, 2009

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