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A type of music or a song that are not always mainstream but are popular in your school
Guy1"hey bro did you hear that new track called Still C.R.B
Guy2"Bro what are you on"
Guy1"Must be only school stream
Guy2"Or your just the first mate on the ship called Salty seamen"
by Hunter williams October 25, 2009

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This is a word that combines the two words "dam" and "yum".
Normally used to describe a good looking man or woman.
The dam is for "dami wish i had that" and "Yum that looks so good"
Guy "Dayummmmm id tap that"
Guy 2"tap that, id demolicsh that homes"
Guy"true dat brudeh"
by Hunter williams August 11, 2009

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It means to be blackmailed but by a woman that is either ur wife or girlfriend. It is when a man is blackmailed by there female partner with the comnsquence of no booty, sex or love making
Guy "i am not going to finger this panda's but"
Chick"If u dont u aint get any"
Pand"Dam u just got Pussy mailed"
Guy"what the fuck"
by Hunter williams August 02, 2009

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A different way of asking someone if there for real
Guy1"Oh my fucking god i just got hit by 20 trucks"
Guy2"Are you a straight up cuzz"
Rhinoese"nah i dont think he is"
Guy2"ohk what the heaven"
by Hunter williams August 23, 2009

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The word slut with an added o and u. Also with the words "Fruit loop" before it. Used when being killed/losing or lost in a game.
"Oh my god dude that guy ownd u"
"I am going to throw that Fruit loop sloute out the window"
"Dude its only scrabble"
by Hunter williams July 26, 2009

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A sentnce that can be used when not at or at a party. It means something that's got to suck
"Hey man i just raped by a panda"
"Well thats no fun at a party"
by Hunter williams July 26, 2009

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It is a shortned way of saying Block Buster the video store
I went down to B Buster to get some japense porn but they only had some old lady shizz
by Hunter williams July 26, 2009

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