50 definitions by Hunter

A man who cares TO MUCH about his clothes.
He's a little bit of a hederasexual.
by Hunter July 17, 2004
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Hedgehog in early 1990's cartoon that consumed mass amounts of corn dogs.
Sonic ate all the corn dogs really quickly.
by Hunter May 06, 2005
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a fat kid with really greasy hair and moldey elbows who says everyting once and then says it to himself again, can break anything he touches
damnit greasy you broke my foot!
by hunter May 04, 2004
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Mom I'd Like to Drill. A variation off of the more popular (and now far too commonplace) MILF. Thus, one can use this term and not be worried about said MILD overhearing.
Damn, Markie's mom is fuckin' MILD!
by Hunter January 05, 2005
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The correct term for a "Cat", the highest form of life on earth (second only to God) and a vastly superior creature to the Land Beast.
Has anyone seen my Land Monster?
Yeah, it's out plotting world domination in the garden.
by Hunter May 05, 2005
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A person who has a small penis and enjoys the act of frantic masturbation.
My mate's a right Neep, he won't stop playing with his tiny cock!
by Hunter April 24, 2005
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Greatest band of all time consisting of me, small paul (taller than tall paul), tall paul, john and gary!!!!
seek and destroy!!!!
by Hunter April 12, 2005
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