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A return to castle wolfenstein player that relies soley on the panzer to get kills. This can be combined with camping to achieve widespread frustration for the other team.
player: "omg f$#%n panzerwhore!"
panzerman: "lol rofl keke ^_^;;"
by hunt September 02, 2003
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How in the hell is using a panzer skill? You aim in a general direction and fire! If you aim and shoot, you'll get around an 85% chance of killing him. Wolfenstein on XBOX LIVE is possibly the funnest game online, until there are a bunch of panzer whores.
BlindFury89 was gibbed by Pizdets panzer.

BlindFury89: Goddammit! You fucking panzer whore! Stop spawn camping!
WolfPlayer: Seriously! Learn on using that MP40!
Pizdets: Oh shut the fuck up! You guys need to learn how to play the game!

Pizdets has been kicked out of the server by BlindFury89.

BlindFury89: That oughta shut him up!
by Mr. XBOX April 21, 2004
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A unskilled player of Wolfenstein or Enemy Territory who exclusively uses the panzerfaust as a weapon to shoot and try to blow up as many people at once because they lack the talent to use machine guns and engage others in close-range, skilled combat.

-Can be applied to any FPS with weapons that use splash damage. They are a (weapon from that FPS) whore.
"I can't get through the spawn point becasue there is some fucking panzer whore spawn camping."
by o August 22, 2003
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In a game of Wolfenstein, a person that uses STRATEGY to gain the upper hand by taking out multiple enemies at once with the panzer, repeatedly (and typically right out of spawn), in a game whose main focus is STRATEGY, whose opponents obviously lack the skill and mental capability to be able to avoid a person who sits in one spot and relies on groups that arent spread out to get his kills...

this person, after taking advantage of the other team's stupidity, generally gets labelled "panzer whore" because he notices a weakness that he/she can exploit, and the other team doesnt realize that not only do they not have to go in the same direction every time, but they also dont have to stand 2 inches away from each other when they move about the map.
WolfPlayer was blasted by Pizdets's Panzerfaust
WolfPlayer: OMGWTF, 10 times in a row! PANZER WHORE!
Pizdets: stfu noob, learn how to play.
by Pizdets November 11, 2003
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