1. Usually referring to a group of people who like to eat at social gatherings

2. An acronym that can be used for random names. They usually eat at social gatherings too.

2. Sonya: Hey guys!

Neesha: I'm hungry

Amritha: Whats new guys!

Kripa: Me too lets hog the salsa

Yaamini: belch nice I'm feeling SNAKY
by 46meows November 15, 2010
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A description of a spliff which is smoked on the sly when one shouldn't be smoking weed. Partially derived from a saying on "The Office". Word created by HSH
"Lets go for a Snaky at the side gates"
by Hunt December 02, 2003
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buy the domain for your foodie blog
Its a harry potters voiceseses in the fan (shit has hit the fan) im definitlety not on acid rn
i like this snakies in the grass on acid
on holiday in spain i would like to be a snakies
jess lemmon is the snakies

i would like to go for a testing (said the riley man)
by psynodinm snakes June 09, 2018
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