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University. est. 1900
generally referred to as CMU see em you
connotation: instant status/six fig salary maker
"Chandra went to CMU? DAMN she gonna be rich"
by Hottstuff March 29, 2005
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Omg the most amazing play that william annin has EVER put on...it is way to amazing some people might just not be able to handle it...The only reason that anyone would ever go see 1776 would be to see katie in her hott ass wig..and eliza with her fake boob dresss....
E.J 1776 kicks ass majourly...omg did u see eliza i could fit my face down her shirt

Amit oh god do i want to do that...right after i get done fucking Mr. Mig
by Hottstuff March 25, 2005
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A hott ass strip club where eliza and kate strip for millions and millions of dollars...men (and women) come from all ove the world to see these hott girls strip to mustarg plug and rock ya body...Mario Vaz. ecpessially comes to sing and well cumm....
Hey sean wht are we doing on friday?

Going to playpen to wach kate and eliza..Duh..Man there HOTT

I no i want to fuck kate SOOOO BAD!!!!
OMG me 2 but i also want to fuck ELIZA!!!
SOunds like a plan....

geez i hope kate dosent overdose on pills.....
by Hottstuff March 25, 2005
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