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A couch made big enough for two people to sit on. Often the site of foreplay (sexual bases 1-3). If more than two people sit on a loveseat then an orgy is almost guaranteed.
Yeah hes had that loveseat for a while now so those stains on it are of questionable origin.
by Hoop Jones June 27, 2005

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The name of an arcade coin-op basketball game wherein you play as a b-ball up and comer (Jones), practicing his jump shot on moving basketball nets. The game is found in many bars, often part of game compilation machines (such as a Max2000).
Guy 1: It's takin forever for our food to get here.
Guy 2: Lets go play Hoop Jones.
Guy 1: Excellent idea.
by Hoop Jones June 27, 2005

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The boondocks of Japan.
My brother lives so far into the Jaboonies that he has to drive 5 hours to see a movie.
by Hoop Jones May 21, 2005

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