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someone who wastes a lot of time on the job. Related to the expression "f*******g the dog"
John is a real dogger, he spends all his time talking at the water cooler talking to the girls.
by Hogger January 1, 2014
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Ridiculous 'unique' characteristic of NMH. Students muct complete four hours a week of 'community service' in any number of potential 'fields'. Kitchen, building cleaner, farm, library, mail centre, theatre, and many other possibilities. Pure hell.
"Wait, I can't go to the show tonight; 4-8 workjob in Gould."
by Hogger April 9, 2005
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Now called Alumnae Hall (lame...), the big dining hall that serves the entire Mount Hermon campus of NMH. If you look slightly different from the Hermon norm, it's likely that a Hermonite or two will stare at you as you walk in. The journey from door to food is called the Walk, and is feared by many. The food in West is perhaps better than that of Gould or Marquand, but the atmosphere is sorely lacking.
"God damn it, I have to eat in West because of practice today."
by Hogger April 9, 2005
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