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The act of putting a girl in a Tripod while having sex
Mike: You know that new girl Mira?
Tyler:Yeah what about her?
Mike: last night she came over to my place and we started having sex and I put her in a reversed turkey!
Tyler: Really! I've wanted to tap that from the moment i saw her
by Hitandrun December 09, 2014
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Another word for sidechick. When ordering meals at establishments such as KFC or Popeyes you can order biscuits as a side.
Davon: Damn she's fine!!!

Jared: What happened to only wanting Grace?

Davon: Grace my main but Sophie could still be my biscuit.

Jared: Sophie does have cake though!!!

#Cake #Biscuit #Sidechick #KFC
by Hitandrun December 27, 2015
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Another way of calling a girl a sidechick. When ordering food at a restaurant such as Popeyes or KFC you can order biscuits as a side.
Davon: Aye that girl over there fine.

Jared: What about Gretchen ?

Davon: Gretchen my main but Sophie can still be my biscuit.

Jared: You right, You right!!!
side Chick} Biscuit
by Hitandrun December 23, 2015
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Coined by George W. Bush in the first debate against John Kerry. Meaning senators scared of a giving away precious tax dollars to the US Medical System.
Bush - In the senate these days its not medicare... Its mediscare!
by HitAndRun October 20, 2004
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