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Hamburgers is a slang term for marijuana.
Hippy - "Hey, you wanna go cook up some hamburgers?"
Everyone - "Fuck yeah"
by Hippy Lito June 28, 2009
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A dick or a bitch are two things a real man wants to never have anything to do with. Therefore, a dickbitch, or combination of the two, is a double-negative - creating a positive. Thus, a dickbitch, is the ultimate awesome.
Erika - "Hippy, you are a dickbitch"
Hippy - "I am well aware"
Erika - "Wow, you are so cool, I wish I could be as cool as you."
Hippy - "Keep dreaming bitch..."
by Hippy Lito May 17, 2009
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A bite of food eaten directly after performing a subtle verbal insult.
Hippy - "Hey, who took the last cupcake?"
Keith - "Me" *victory bite*
by Hippy Lito May 09, 2009
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If you have been dominated in a verbal confrontation by the/a Hippy, then you have been Hippied. You will now feel completely inferior to the clearly superior Hippy...
*While playing a game of Beirut*

Albert - "Where I come from we call that the bitch rack..."
Angie - "Wow, what a bitch rack Hippy!"

Hippy - "Oh, where I come from we call that winning!"
Sneaky - "You both just got hippied..."
by Hippy Lito May 09, 2009
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A shoulder sweep is a subtle way of undermining your own accomplishment; making your competition seem unworthy of your time.
Pete - "Hey whats with the shoulder sweep asshole"
Hippy - "Hey man, your Beirut skills aren't worth my time..."
by Hippy Lito May 10, 2009
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Someone who holds their sneezes in instead of just sneezing. This is clearly the most annoying way to sneeze.
Person 1 - "Why does that person keep holding their sneezes in?"
Person 2 - "I don't know, but that person is an annoying sneeze holder..."
by Hippy Lito May 13, 2009
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