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When someone does something so foolish, asinine, or awkward that you feel embarrassed FOR them.
Man, I was so second-hand embarrassed when that sang Call Me Maybe during karaoke.

Did you see just see that guy get slapped in the face by that girl? I'm so second-hand embarrassed for him.
by Hindenburg June 19, 2013
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A derivative of shwasted and smashed, shmoosted is the process of becoming severely inebriated from the consumption of excessive amounts of alcohol. Often said by high school and college students while boasting about their drinking accomplishments.
Bro, I got so incredibly shmoosted last night, I'm never drinking again.

I'd probably do Rosie O'Donnell if I got shmoosted enough.

I feel depressed and withdrawn unless I'm shmoosted.
by Hindenburg February 4, 2012
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A piece of shit that literally just ruins every moment. Jealous of everything and everyone yet very selfish. Mainly short and always dresses like a grandpa. Never finds true love because he’s an ugly fuck.
*In a restaurant*
Kosta: Fuck you! You stole her from me!
Waiter: That’s definitely a Kosta right there
by Hindenburg March 17, 2020
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a verb, can also be 'to do a callum'

to go out with more than 3 people from the same group of friends.
'he's now done a callum'
'ooh hes such a callum'
by Hindenburg January 11, 2008
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