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The hot, buff ghost hunter on the Travel channel's Ghost Adventures.
"Hey, did you see Ghost Adventures last night?"
"Yeah, sometimes the only reason I watch that show is to see Zak Bagans"
by Henry Wadsworth Longpants January 31, 2010
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When you're not sure wether to put hahaha or haha. You hope the person will take it either way. Many would think there is not a big difference between hahaha and haha but they are wrong. Haha is more of an unnecessary pause while hahaha signifies a joke was said that was actually worth a chuckle. Hahah is a good compromise for the indecisive.
Guy 1: Hey, so I totally hooked up with your mom last night.
Guy 2: Hahah, no way.
by Henry Wadsworth Longpants January 18, 2011
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The incorrect spelling/understanding of Mick Jagger, the singer of the Rolling Stones. This is the name that people who don't know shit about the Stones call the lead singer.
"Hey man, did you see McJagger in concert?"
"Uh, you mean Mick Jagger right?"
"Shit, I've been saying it wrong this whole time?"
by Henry Wadsworth Longpants January 19, 2010
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The crazy soccer moms in minivans who think they own the road because they have small children throwing balls at their face. Minivanners will likely cut in front of you with their huge, bulky car causing you to almost wreck because their child is late for a piano recital. Minivanners should be banned from driving on the road.
Driver: Fuck! That damn minivanner drove her huge ass wannabe van right into my car without even bothering to check if the lane was clear or not.

Passenger: Damn minivanners need to get off the road.
by Henry Wadsworth Longpants January 20, 2011
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