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Faking ones death or sleep to avoid having to sex with a person.
"My buddy picked up this hottie last night at the bar. But, I had to Possum Flop her fat friend at the end of the night so I wouldn't have to sleep with her".
by HENDO May 27, 2012

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used to describe the side-profile of a tit when it has inward slope to it, much like the roof of a chinese style building.
i was titty fucking this bitch with chinese rooftops last night!
by Hendo August 13, 2005

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abbreviation standing for poo station 1. The latter number can be varied as you desgnate various poo stations throughout your domicile. In my home, ps 1 is one the first floor and ps 2 is my bathroom on the second floor.
"Dude, that indian food was sweet! When we get home I got dibs on ps1." "If your going take a really nasty shit, please use ps2."
by Hendo May 03, 2005

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