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An Iyer boy (most of them actually) who even if he has a PhD in some science stream will not start anything on Tuesday because he does not want to offend his parent's beliefs. In fact he never goes against his Iyer beliefs even if they are stupid and will marry the girl that his mom and dad choose for him.
Rajagopal is such a wussy Iyer boy. He does not clip his nails after dark.
by Hellsangel May 15, 2013
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The affliction where self-righteous members on social media decide they need to preach morals to the rest of the members.
My neighbor has a severe case of soap box syndrome. He is always telling dog owners how they should leash their dogs on his Facebook page.
by Hellsangel November 15, 2020
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An Indianism meaning a certificate of innocence given by law enforcement.
Tytler was given a clean chit by the CBI for any role in inciting the anti-Sikh riots.
by Hellsangel November 5, 2013
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New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy who is not from New Jersey, but moved into New Jersey so he could become Governor.
Phil Murphy is the living embodiment of carpet bagger.
by Hellsangel June 3, 2021
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Dick Cheney is the only acceptable person that everyone can call a NIGGER.
dude: I cant wait for dick cheney to fuckin die.
other dude: you mean that NIGGER.
by Hellsangel August 11, 2006
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