n. A monster of depravity.
When you reach the scene of crime - Macavity's not there!
by Helioseismology December 31, 2005
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the scottish version of "phil mccracken". Pronounced "Fill Ma' Cavity" Essentially a humorous alias to use on school sign-in forms or to identify ones'self as to unsuspecting law enforcement personnel, as the humour in such a joke is two-fold: from the indivuidual pronouncing the name, and from his/her puzzlment and sudden realization as to what they have justr said.

Used to great comic effect in an episode of the British comedy "The Thin Blue Line" starring Rowan Atkinson, where the police force of a small town struggles with the stinging wit of a London baddie.
Officer Fowler Rowan Atkinson(explaining to others): "now watch how it's done. What's your name, son?"

London Boy: (acting very awkward) Ivor, sir

Fowler: Very well, what's your last name, son?

London Boy: Biggun, officer.

Fowler (turns to Constable Goody James Dreyfus) :Goody, take note- Ivor Biggun

(which comes out in a british accented-voice as "I'va big'un." much laughter, Fowler rushes angrily out of room, is seen muttering outside to himself)

Goody: (exiting room, rather happy) Great news sir, he just named his two Scottish accomplices, Ben Doone and Phil Macavity!
by maks October 23, 2004
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