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A bitch that talk mad shit and keeps getting her ass beat .A bitch that sucked everybody’s dick with a bum ass lace front.a broke bitch that always asking people for shit .A butch that wears off brand shit with dollar store weave in her head periodt Pooh.
“Why was you talking all that shit you bum bitch”
With your broke ass you bum bitch

Your ass can’t fight for shit

you bum bitch

Your a hoe ass bum bitch
by Hehehe426 June 13, 2019

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1)If a girl has proven her point she says periodt 👩🏽
You touch me you’ll get your ass beat periodtttt
by Hehehe426 June 11, 2019

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A fun loving hoe ass girl who will cheat on a nigga and get colorful ass hairstyles .Also a bitch who will quickly beat a bitch up for her bestfriend .A girl who is loud and will dress inappropriately but won’t give a fuck .who likes them old but young if they cute .Cant date a broke nigga with a small dick
Why are you so loud arielle
by Hehehe426 June 13, 2019

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A word females use to get points to look more serious .
Friend 1:I could beat your ass any day of the week

Friend 2:

“point blank period “
by Hehehe426 June 13, 2019

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