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Destroy; over power ;shut down without question;better than
Tim hortons coffee trumps McDonald's coffee. (Tim hortons is better)

Joe got in a fist fight with jon and joe is so jacked he trumped jon.

Whiskey trumps ron rico.

Im going to trump you if you keep acting stupid.

Twix trumps snickers
by Haymorgan311 July 12, 2015

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A fag is a cigarette.a fag is also a male homo.and a fag is something you call your friend when they do something stupid,or piss you off even if they arent gay.
Can i snipe your lighter? My fag went out.
Got an extra fag for me?
He takes it in the booty by his boyfriend,hes a fag.
(Fag is obviously short for faggot but if you just say fag that dosent mean gay all the time where as faggot is strictly calling someone gay)
You: hey matt,whats black& white and read all over?
Matt:your mom
You:your a fag
by Haymorgan311 July 12, 2015

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To take something quickly,most likely not trying to let people know your taking something; to take,steal,sometimes borrow,to have
1. Yo i just sniped this snapback from matts car
2.i was dating him,but some hoe bag sniped him from me.
3.can i snipe your lighter
4.haha!just sniped a picture without asking you & you look like shit in it.
5.oh nice shirt.snipe!
6. Can i snipe a french fry off your plate fool?
by Haymorgan311 July 12, 2015

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See "snipe"

To take;steal. Not to borrow. Gank is the same as steal.
You ganked my lighter i need it back.
Jane has nice socks,def going to gank those. (Jk jane)
I ganked the weed and just ran away

If i gank that car ill get charged with grand theft auto.
by Haymorgan311 July 12, 2015

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