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(Adj) and awakened being is one that has willingly discovered and experienced masturbation
When were you awakened?
When I was twelve experimenting in the bathroom.
by Haydarken November 7, 2019
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The phenomenon where a large number or group of people join* at the same time
*joining could be in a game, server, or any other place
Where did all these people come from?
by Haydarken October 7, 2019
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This principle/ law states that “nothing can be proven as false or nonexistent

Another way to phrase this is “there is always a chance for anything to happen”
Does god exist?

Well The Bevens Principle states that we can’t prove God doesn’t exist. No matter what test we do, they’re is always a nonzero chance that there is one. Same goes for just about anything else.
by Haydarken January 11, 2020
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