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Colloquial term for "Come on!"
Dude, Jamal! Lez go play some pooo, man, some pooo!
by Hayato June 21, 2006
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1.) An affectionate term used to denote the cutest couple there evew was.

2.) Used separately, wumpy is the male component of the relationship, known particularly for his strikingly handsome look, his various alter egos, and his food baby. Also known as "wumptew."

3.) Used separately, chumpy is the female component of the relationship, known particularly for her beauteous smile, her fat cheeks, and her cute baby-like innocence. Also known as "chumptew."

4.) Of note, these two words can also be used as adjectives to verbs to further characterize the action in question. See examples below for details.

5.) Also, this term should not be confused with mistew and missy...which is another topic altogether...

1.) Wumpy misses Chumpy so much when Chumpy is not around, but they make do with the best that they have. In their hearts, they will also be "Wumpy and Chumpy."

2.) Typical phone conversation - "Hey wumpteeeeew!" "Hey chumptewwwww!"

3.) OMG...I was sleeping this morning when all of a sudden I was awakened by a wumptew-attack!
by Hayato July 30, 2011
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