3 definitions by Havik8(The Cuban)

When an unexpecting victim is sitting down in a chair, u proceed to quietly walk up to them and put duct tape around their head, and u then proceed to tape their face to ur nut-peice.
Alex: Dude i totally just gave that brotha The Super Bag.
Kevin: Yo nuts were all up in his grill
Alex: Hes prolly gonna taste my nuts for a month...im super 1337.
by Havik8(The Cuban) March 05, 2008
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Something so incredibly amazing...that -zors must be added to the end (as in gamer speak)
Asian Kid: dood...this game be the pwnzors!!!!

Alex: um...using that word means no girlfriendzors for u...like ever.
by Havik8(The Cuban) June 09, 2008
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The act of orgasming so hard that one starts to defecate oneself.
Lorenzo: That movie was totally pwnage.
Alex: I kno...it almost made me shigasm.
Lorenzo: So thats wat i be smellin...
by Havik8(The Cuban) March 05, 2008
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