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A relationship that causes physical pain, vows that revolve around unaliving, and pain to everyone around them.
Oh dude, have you seen the latest headline about Machine Gun Kelly and Meghan Fox? The engagement ring he gave her stabs her. They drink each other's bl00d too... Weird stuff. What a Toxic/Unhealthy Relationship.
by HarmoniousChaos July 1, 2022
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Two Silvers

A term used to describe an amazingly attractive man. One singular man in this instance. This guy usually goes by Zwei. A name he will profusely fuss at you for mispronouncing. Yes, no Americanizing the German word. He is sweet and funny. Intelligent and witty. But the thing that will stand out the most if you ever meet him is his selflessness and unending patience.

Zwei is a humble man. He will never boast. While he carries the weight of the world on his shoulders he will laugh carelessly and in good humor. Generally speaking, he is the thing all women dreamed they had. If there were such a thing as a human copy machine, every woman would want a Zwei of their own. However, there can only ever be one Zwei.
If you ever meet him...you are lucky to be in his warm, witty presense, trust me.
ZweiSilvers is the best rp teacher!
Have you seen that guy *swoon* he is sooo ZweiSilvers!
ZweiSilvers, ulta-nerd!
by HarmoniousChaos December 14, 2014
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Beer, used when you don't want your boss to know you're trading a snowboard tune-up for a twelve-pack.
"I'll do it for beavers."
by HarmoniousChaos January 14, 2010
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