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commonly called "Stankasaur"

noun-fem. & masc.- a person, place, or thing that emits an unpleasant or offensive odor bringing tears to one's eyes and a burning sensation to the nostrils. Care must be exercised when coming in contact with a Stankasaurus, for, sometimes scent particles may become embedded in one's clothing.
Example: "Ugh, I think I'm gonna earl!...this Stankasaurus just sat down beside me smelling like 5 year old fermented garbage truck juice! Accck!
by HalfbludTrini February 03, 2010
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noun- used to describe the state of something's appearance being quite ugly and reprehensible. Taken from the word "Gremlin"; something that resembles a Gremlin; having the qualities of becoming even more hideous upon getting wet with water ie. rain, falling in a pool or lake; a female gremlin
Example: "Oh my gosh, She should really stop wearing so much make up....it only accentuates her gremliness."

"Wow, I saw a pic of your baby's mama on Facebook...I hope you don't feed her after midnight or spill water on her. She's a straight up Gremliness!"

"I hate looking at that pile of leaves; it's gremliness is creeping me out!"
by HalfbludTrini February 07, 2010
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