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ok so you hate AV. you think she's a poser/biatch. Well let me tell you something, mr. poopy-pants. AV is confident. She sings well compared to her peers. She also sings better than anyone who's ever posted anything here. You guys are shallow and jealous, and probably American, too. If you're going to post something, make it accurate, and not mean. What if she saw these postings? what would she tiink? She wouldn’t tink notan, she’s not gonna seeim!
I would be sad. I would have a big frown on my big face. If she was so bad, then where all her moneys comes from? And she's not ugly at all, to say the least. If you saw some midget on the street, would you come here to make fun of him? I don't think so. That midget would have pain in heart.

In terms of her cents of style, just have respect for it. People are allowed to wear what they want, sing what they want, do what they want. That’s why I killed him, chief, because I could.
So, next time the pizza boy comes around, you tellim to respect avril lavigne. Then you gonna payim well, son. I do.
Yes, inspiring too.
To those who posted those messages, fukum all. Just play by the rules, play fair, and you might just win double the prise money. Do you understand?

"Dear edditors, since I know you will read this, can you please put this definition first or on the first page? There's nothing but bad comments on the first couple of pages. Otherwise, I might hate you for your inconvience just kidding. And erase this quote after your done."
to Avril Lavigne: Here's an example of a disgraseful poser: you guys who posted those bad things? how many of you still live at home? it's O.K. not to answer if your too ashamed. also, say hello to you mama!
by hadrian May 04, 2006
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To remove magnetism from a device. The term is usually used in reference to color monitors and other display devices that use a Cathode Ray Tube (CRT). These devices aim electrons onto the display screen by creating magnetic fields inside the CRT. External magnetic forces -- such as the earth's natural magnetism or a magnet placed close to the monitor -- can magnetize the shadow mask, causing distorted images and colors.
To remove this external magnetic forces, most monitors automatically degauss the CRT whenever you turn on the monitor. In addition, many monitors have a manual degauss button that performs a more thorough degaussing of the CRT. You can also use an external degausser that degausses the monitor from the outside. Since it may be impossible to remove the external magnetic force, degaussing works by re-aligning the magnetic fields inside the CRT to compensate for the external magnetism.
Chris degaussed your mothers stenchtrench
by Hadrian March 17, 2003
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A band who's lead singer, acording to the songs they've produced, is roughly 14.8% tone deaf. They write the kind of music that suits the mood of a guy who is dreaming of gumdrops and lollypops, sugar bells and gingerbread men, and floating on a big white cloud.
Coldplay really can get to my emo/suicide mood, too. Great harmonies, though.
by hadrian May 15, 2006
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