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Trigeminal Neuralgia, a condition in which it feels very much as though one's face is simultaneous being jabbed with many needles and being crushed to a pulp while being ripped off along one (or if one's exceedingly unfortunate, both) sides while one's eyeballs are being pumped to the point of searing, throbbing explosion from behind and one's teeth on that side all seem to have advanced to a state of crumbly, black pulp-mangling decay.
Joanne (curled up in a fetal ball and clutching the right side of her face with twitching fingers): I can't stand it... it's the worst pain ever!

Ben: Worse than your last little girl?

Joanne: ... that pain didn't even register, compared to this.
by Haystack June 25, 2009
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to be a norteno and show it by havin a red rag... or bandana
aye tito, u still red raggin' ?
by HAYSTACK April 13, 2005
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Here, have some groovy, funky beats that trip you through outer space, man! Basically, it's disco with ethereal, futuristic notes, and often lots of zappy sounds and whooshes to go with the main melody. This genre tends to have some seriously high-energy, upbeat feel to it... when it's not chilling out with the spacey spaces in between the driving rhythms and warbling melodies.
You don't have to go out of this world to enjoy Space Disco, but you might need to go to France to hear the best of it!
by Haystack October 28, 2015
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A horrid state of being hypersensitive to stimuli and semi-delirious that may result from prolonged failure to sleep.
The enemy's constant bombardment of thrash-metal had left the Berinzian troops in a state of inzombnia, shambling aimlessly and moaning "chaaaaamomiiiile" as they ran quivering fingers through spiky, disheveled hair.
by Haystack August 12, 2008
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a butt-trumpet blast for the ages.

it might not be silent, but it's perfectly capable of still being deadly.
The winner of the vegetarian chili-chomping contest soon found her downfall as her bum began to play in fartissimo, to the delight and dismay of her companions.
by Haystack October 28, 2015
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