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means that you suck ass at drawing.
"Hey look what I drew!"
"What the hell is that."
"Are you artistically challenged?"
by GummyBear September 21, 2004
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it means yeah, but is cooler to say, and it comes out smoother
"Are you going to see Napolean Dynamite?"
"Shaw, like I'd miss it!"
by GummyBear September 21, 2004
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means that you can't draw worth shit. When you make a master peice, it looks like a 2 year old just picked up a crayon for the first time, and you are happy with that. also know as artistically challenged
"Dude, what the fuck is that?"
"Don't tease me, I'm art-tarded"
by GummyBear September 21, 2004
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i do beleive all the other definitions of the word, but i have to argue with the one about it not doing crystal meth, it clearly says "spun out in my room," which means that you are high on crystal meth, so maybe the song is a mixture of beth definitions, and if not, why did billie joe use the term, spun?
wow, i was listening to green day, and i was all spun our in my room and shit. green day kicks ass!
by gummybear March 07, 2005
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some one who sniffs a lot, to get the snot out of their nose.
"Niff Niff"
"Shut the fuck up you niffer"
"What did I do?"
by GummyBear October 05, 2004
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Means pot, marijuana, mary jane, dope etc... But can be said around adults and little kids, with your friends still knowing what you are talking about.
"Hey, are we gonna do some hair gel tonight?"
"Hell yeah, we gonna gel our hair for sure."
by GummyBear September 21, 2004
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NO TALENT KREW!!!!!!!!!!

The best krew in this place!!!!!!!!!!
Have you heard about that tight azz krew called NTK!!!!!
by gummybear February 18, 2004
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