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Hoshino Ruri(ホシノ=ルリ): from a Japanese anime series, Martian Successor Nadesico

Description: Female, Blue hair, Golden eyes, about 4ft tall. very intelligent.
Born in Earth, AD2184

Jobs: Computer Operator of Nadesico-001, Princess of Peaceland, Commander of Nadesico-003

Notes: her first words were "mama, papa, Archemedes, pi".
Genetically engineered to enhance intelligence and taking lessons from the birth, she was able to control Omoikane(one who remembers), the main computer system of Nadesico, at age 11.
Her favorite phrase is "baka baka" which can be translated as "they're all idiots".

She is to be known as Electron Fairy, for her skill and knowledge of computer.
sometimes the term Ruri is used to describe young female anime characters who are intelligent, word-sparing, and mysterical.
by Guest from the Outer Space April 19, 2005
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1. popular open-source cryptography program
2. an alternative to PGP

3.google GnuPG for more info
GnuPG supports max of 1024bit DSI key and 4096bit ElGamal key.
by Guest from the Outer Space April 19, 2005
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Yamato Nadesico:

Japanese term for the 'ideal woman'.

To be Yamato Nadesico a woman must have these qualities:
Well-behaving, Understanding, Obedient to elders/husband, Beautiful, Caring, Supportive, Enduring, Intelligent, Skillful(mostly household chores), etc.

IMO which is, basically, almost(not completely) an impossibility...
Marrying a Yamato Nadesico is every man's dream.
by Guest from the Outer Space April 19, 2005
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