3 definitions by Grumpy Cat Dan

When a person relentlessly complains on social media about their local sports teams.
The Buffalo Bills lost again, everybody is "Parkering" on Facebook right now.
by Grumpy Cat Dan December 15, 2018
(Verb) to team up with friends at a local drinking establishment and harass a single friend who is at home with his children. A real dick move. To troll.
Joe can't come out tonight, so we are going to "Robsella" him all night, while we are drinking, to amuse ourselves.
by Grumpy Cat Dan December 16, 2018
When someone relentlessly complains that if you sell your tickets to a sporting event that you are a "fair weather fan". One acting out in this manner also believes that if you watch a sports event at home, indoors, you also qualify as a "fair weather fan" and cannot possibly be a fan of any sport.
Why does Craig keep chamoing about everyone? Can't he just enjoy himself?

Why is everyone chamoing? Relax.
by Grumpy Cat Dan January 13, 2022