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Oliver is the most sweet boy. He is smart, kind, caring and loving. Be careful falling for an Oliver is easy. He is a social butterfly and has dated many girls before you so watch out! He's a ladies man! Oliver haveither German or Dutchaccent, he has dirty blonde hair with the most sweetest brown eyes ever and a smile that makes the corners of his eyes crinkle a bit. Olivers are usually quite skinny, athletic and very bright, they can be shorter than you and still be the most cutest boy! You are a very lucky girl to date an Oliver!
Girl: omg Abbie! Ur dating Oliver?
Abbie: Yay he is such a sweet cutie pie!
Girl: lucky duck
by GreySweater October 30, 2015
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J- just
S- survive
S- somehow

The Walking Dead term
In The Walking Dead a girl named Enid wrote JSS on her hand
by GreySweater October 30, 2015
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