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the ability to make a game saving shot from behind a slope not visible by other players
"Bob was on a 45* slope downhill, sidehill in knee deep grass, inside the hazard stakes, but when his shot hit 5 feet from the pin, we all determined it was a hillucination."
by Greenskeeper June 13, 2006
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a golf 'saddle' term, used to describe the animal that arises when a ball is struck from the sand (camel) into the water (frog).
With his approach shot landing in the greenside bunker, Denny thinned his next shot into the pond, earning the infamous aquamole.
by Greenskeeper June 13, 2006
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The feeling of doom or level of pain felt by three or more players while anticiapting their opponent striking his or her third putt to make double bogey.
"As Stan read his double bogey attempt from all angles, we experienced an aggonizing realiziation that four hours would not be enough time to finish this round."
by Greenskeeper June 13, 2006
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The geometric anomaly which results in interpreting the extrapolation of distances between the shorter of two points as a greater distance in order to gain monetary advantage.
With 3 greenies riding on the 18th at VGNational, Bob laying 8 feet above the hole and Stan laying 14 feet to the right, the first thing we heard as we approached the green was "eweorme Bob?"
by Greenskeeper June 14, 2006
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