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This commonly happens when you have anal sex with a woman over age 80. To have anal sex with a true Granny one must remove her adult Diaper. The Diaper will be typically soiled. Without cleaning the rectum,instead using the fecal matter as lube. The partner inserts his erect penis directly in the asshole of said granny. The result is a soupy brown liquid that runs from the granny's ass, the smell is said to be putrid.
Florence comes from television personality Florence Henderson, who is rumored to wear a diaper and gives Filty Florence's to many of the men at her Nursing Home. The rumor can not be comfirmed or denied.
Q. I heard that you like to fuck Old Ladies?
A. There is nothing better than Corn Blasting a Granny, the Filthy Florence smells terrible but turns ne on.

I was mopping the floors at the Old Age home last night and old granny Jones gave me a Filty Florence. It was so nasty that I puicked in her diaper.
by Granny Gromann June 03, 2010

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Sometimes when you receive home delivery of Pizza the box can get a bit crushed. When you open the box the mozzarella cheese sticks to the top of the box and strings of cheese go from the pizza to the box. This also can happen when you pull down a pair of women’s panties. There will be a cheese like substance stringing from her diseased virgina to her panties. The smell can be worse that the visual. It may be a wicked case of vaginosis. This syndrome is most prevalent in females with large gunts. It also is found when women get large amounts of jizz dumped into their said cunts on a regular basis and do not bother to wash out their snatch.
I was pulling down Joan's big panties last night and I saw a string of cheese from her cunt lips to her droors. Yuck, she must have Pizza Box Syndrome!

Hey Edwin, I tried to fuck your nasty mother last night when I saw her laying in a pool of her own sick outside the bar. When I pulled down her pants I saw "Pizza Box Syndrome", so I left her there for the Mexicans.
by Granny Gromann June 03, 2010

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Yet another term for anal coitus or butt fucking. The rectum or ass is referred to as the corn hole in some areas of the United States and Western Europe. Blasting is a reference to a hard pounding via the penis.
Q. How was your date with Large Marge last night?
A. It went well, I was Corn Blasting her and got a little Mud on my helment.

I stopped by the nursing home to vist your Granny last week. Fifteen minutes after I got there she wanted me to Corn Blast her. I said only if it is a Filthy Florence.
by Granny Gromann June 04, 2010

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A Siberian Toe Ring is when during the act of Anal Intercourse your partner involuntarily defecates, which in many cases has a spurting element to it. In order to stop the spray of feces the other partner inserts their big toe directly into the anus. The result after removal of said large toe is a thick brown ring, very similar to a fashionable toe ring worn by women in Western Culture during summer months. The “Siberian” title is because people in that part of the world have a poor diet and are prone to involuntary defecation, or so rumor has it.
I literally fucked the shit out of Florence's ass last night.
Why do you say that? Look at my Siberian Toe Ring. That bitch's ass was squirting like a mother fucker.

Q. Where did you get your toe ring, I was looking for a new one?
A. You don't want one like this it is a Siberian. I told Marilyn not eat Taco's prior to me pounding her ass.
by Granny Gromann June 02, 2010

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This is a term for a homesexual relationship. Prior to anal sex this person is responsible for getting the anus prepared for the act itself. He may do things such as douche the anal cavity, enema the anus, apply but plugs and lube, etc. to said sexual partner
Jerry is a fag but at least he is an adminstartor. What do you mean? He never gets mud on his helmet.

That gay dude tried to rape Reggie last week and still insisted on being an Administrator prior to the forced but fucking. He must like that ass clean!
by Granny Gromann June 03, 2010

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