5 definitions by Grandwing

Internet slang and spelling of "Lesbo" or "Lesbian", most commonly referring to La Roux.
Dahna: La Roux is such a Les Boux

Miranda: Agreed
by Grandwing August 11, 2010
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Slang term for "judge", commonly on iscribble drawing games.
You be the juj.
by Grandwing November 10, 2009
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One who uses big words or language to sound smart or to piss someone off.
Yuki: How did ulf got high grades in his defense?
Miranda: He probably smart talked his way up.
by Grandwing July 29, 2010
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A slang term for "Congratulations". Commonly used to annoy someone and at the same time congratulate them for a thing they didn't work hard on.
Congrazzles! You've been awarded 100 points for joining the site and confirming your e-mail.

by Grandwing August 19, 2010
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