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3 definitions by GrammarQueen

Stanley: Hey, could I ask you a question?

Tiffany: What?

Stanley: Could you maybe stop consistently talking to your friends? It's becoming a very annoying habit of yours. Some of us are actually trying to pass high school and not fail like your pregnancy test.

Tiffany: Fuck off!

Stanley: No need to be Salty.
by GrammarQueen August 24, 2017
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To grow immensely, ridiculously fat. Often occurs after overdosing on coffee and regurgitating it, followed by ice cream binge eating.
"You're going to get fat. And then you're going to die."

"Oh gracious! I dont want to obesitize!"
by GrammarQueen April 9, 2010
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This means that no one is better at finding a wrongdoer than another wrongdoer. So if you do something wrong, then you would know if someone else followed your mistake, or you would know someone with the same quality as yourself, did the same mistake if that makes any sense lmao. The example will help better your understanding.
by GrammarQueen August 24, 2017
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