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A disturbingly unattractive protruding bellybutton, particularly on an otherwise attractive female, so pronounced as to be reminiscent of a small penis. First appeared on paparazzi websites describing bikini pictures of talk show host Kelly Ripa's unnaturally protruding navel.
Bob: Hey look at that sweet honey strollin' up the beach.
Jay: Yeah, she's -WTF? What the hell is that stickin' outa her gut?
Bob: Oh man, she has a penis button! I'm gonna yyargh!!
Jay: Man, way to spoil the picture...Shit!
Sweet Honey: Hi guys!
Bob: (wwrrreettcchh!)
by Grafikman May 14, 2009
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An alert announced by a (usually) hi tech coworker in a full car or group prior to entering a restaurant or other public venue, to remove all company ID badges so as not to look the doofus.
"Here we are at Casa Bonita. Badge check!"
by Grafikman September 17, 2007
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A polite corporate term for using the restroom -or other biological necessities, usually during interminably long unnecessary meetings.
Bob -(Whispering to Dave) "Damn, that motormouth Sherri has a serious Dilbert brain to bladder ratio. I gotta piss like a racehorse and she's only on her 3rd Powerpoint slide".
Dave -(sensing increasing hostility from the group) "Ok folks, let's wrap it up and halt for a biobreak. There's still leftover pizza in the break room."
by Grafikman May 09, 2008
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n. - Denotes a rambling conspiracy theorist spouting absurd, nonsensical pseudoscience to support his position, usually found on places like moon hoax, flat earth and grassy knoll websites. Combines the words hoax and retard.
Cnsprcybuffoon: "I have all the answers right here! The U.S. faked the moon landings because-" (enters into diatribe of ludicrous, longed debunked reasons why it was faked).

Vce_ofreason: "Have you ever picked up a science book in your life, you fuckin' hoaxtard?"
by Grafikman July 17, 2009
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To relate displeasure to another at being ripped off by otherwise generally legal means, implying they feel the pain of having been figuratively anally raped against their will. Fucked up the ass, usually monetarily.
Bob - So how much was the mechanic bill?
Dave - Shit, $360 to fix a fucking door latch. I still can't sit down.

My ex racked up $40,000 grand in credit card debt behind my back and dropped it all on me after the divorce. I still can't sit down.
by Grafikman July 30, 2015
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