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An Irish-Gaelic girl's name meaning "young doe". Possibly made popular in the 1980's by a female character, Tegan Jovanka, from the British Sci-fi series "Doctor Who", resulting in several women from their teens to 20's with that name (as of 2007).
Dad in checkout lane 1: "Did you just call your kid Tegan?"
Dad in checkout lane 2: "yah, why?"
Dad in checkout lane 1: "Doctor Who?"
Dad in checkout lane 2: "You know it!"
Dad in checkout lane 1: "I grok, man".
(followed by both dads giving Vulcan or Orkan hand sign)
by Grafikman October 09, 2007

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The involuntary, unavoidably prolonged stare towards an uncommonly magnificent set of breasts once initial visual contact is made, due to size, revealing clothing or erect nipples. Often unbreakable, even when discovered and berated by the owner of the breasts.
1. "Shit dude, that chick totally busted you looking at her fine tatas." "I couldn't help it man, tried to look away but one glance and I got booblock!"

2. Harvey casually glanced over at the blond hottie in the next row at the ballpark, and seeing a gratuitous flash of nipple down her shirt as she bent over to reach in her purse, he had booblock for the rest of the game.
by Grafikman November 22, 2006

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The practice of intolerant religious fundamentalists (fundies)to type in ALL CAPS, frequently with poor or missing grammatical skills, in an online chat room or message posting, presumably proving their viewpoint superior to others.
Also can be used to ridicule others who inadvertently hit the Caps Lock key by accident and don't notice before they hit Enter.
Agnstic1: But there's no dispute in the scientific world about evolution.
Agnstic1: Ssiighhh...yeah. Whatever.

Bob1: So what happened after we hit the bar?
Bob1: Woah man, dropped into fundie mode there.
Dave2: Oops, lol. Hey, that BJ was worth all caps.
Bob1: lol
by Grafikman December 21, 2006

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A polite corporate term for using the restroom -or other biological necessities, usually during interminably long unnecessary meetings.
Bob -(Whispering to Dave) "Damn, that motormouth Sherri has a serious Dilbert brain to bladder ratio. I gotta piss like a racehorse and she's only on her 3rd Powerpoint slide".
Dave -(sensing increasing hostility from the group) "Ok folks, let's wrap it up and halt for a biobreak. There's still leftover pizza in the break room."
by Grafikman May 09, 2008

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An online place where fundies hang out, often innapropriate to the place's intended purpose. Many times will infest a chat or message listing to make it their own fundie hole. A well known Fundie Hole is the "Post Your Thoughts" link in virtually any major AOL news story no matter what the subject or topic of the article. They are especially attracted to any scientific story to insult it and promote their own religious dogma, thereby turning the entire post section into a fundie hole.
marinebiologst22 - Hey, did you read the AOL news about that dolphin with the vestigial hind limb?"
Iluvcetaceans - Yah, I went into the message section but it was already a fundie hole and I couldn't sort out any serious posts.
marinebiologst22 - Geez. Fuckin' asswipes...
by Grafikman January 19, 2007

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n. - Denotes a rambling conspiracy theorist spouting absurd, nonsensical pseudoscience to support his position, usually found on places like moon hoax, flat earth and grassy knoll websites. Combines the words hoax and retard.
Cnsprcybuffoon: "I have all the answers right here! The U.S. faked the moon landings because-" (enters into diatribe of ludicrous, longed debunked reasons why it was faked).

Vce_ofreason: "Have you ever picked up a science book in your life, you fuckin' hoaxtard?"
by Grafikman July 17, 2009

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A disturbingly unattractive protruding bellybutton, particularly on an otherwise attractive female, so pronounced as to be reminiscent of a small penis. First appeared on paparazzi websites describing bikini pictures of talk show host Kelly Ripa's unnaturally protruding navel.
Bob: Hey look at that sweet honey strollin' up the beach.
Jay: Yeah, she's -WTF? What the hell is that stickin' outa her gut?
Bob: Oh man, she has a penis button! I'm gonna yyargh!!
Jay: Man, way to spoil the picture...Shit!
Sweet Honey: Hi guys!
Bob: (wwrrreettcchh!)
by Grafikman May 14, 2009

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