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A polite corporate term for using the restroom -or other biological necessities, usually during interminably long unnecessary meetings.
Bob -(Whispering to Dave) "Damn, that motormouth Sherri has a serious Dilbert brain to bladder ratio. I gotta piss like a racehorse and she's only on her 3rd Powerpoint slide".
Dave -(sensing increasing hostility from the group) "Ok folks, let's wrap it up and halt for a biobreak. There's still leftover pizza in the break room."
by Grafikman May 09, 2008
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n. Neo-geek terminology for visiting the bathroom, especially when interrupting a meeting/gathering/workflow.
v. performing bodily functions
Where's Jones? I need him in here now!
Oh, he's on bio break, but I'll send him right in.
by Peanutgnome October 18, 2005
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A business term for taking a break, frequently for restroom needs. Was adapted as ‘bio’ to imply a larger spectrum of potential needs such as making a phone call, snack run, etc. While simply using the term ‘break’. Itself would seem sufficient, the term’bio break’ adds a sense of necessity to its invocation which is typically unplanned .
My last meeting ran long, Jim .. Let’s start in five minutes so I can take a quick bio break.
by Sharp Pencils November 11, 2017
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