Hit all the boys but let them hit you back play nice bro
Person1 : hits person 2 get your hit back
Person2:ok hits back I'm sorry let's just play nice
by October 30 October 26, 2019
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When someone or something does something seen as cool, rude, cheeky, dumb or fun.
The phrase originates from the cool song by Verbalicious.
Your Friend: "I think your hair really sucks"
You: "That is not playing nice!"
by Chris Overall May 15, 2005
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the act of overlooking someone or something or failing to see true potential
You've been playing nice on me and I'm going to prove you wrong sooner or later
by unknown4234445 May 20, 2016
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what to say when tom doesnt play nice
Tom, you broke the tower of eternal sufferage and sincerity! Get him!
*throws blocks at his skinny head*
YOU DONT PLAY NICE! *wam* *wamwamwam*
by patty-o-pinch-me-youdie May 24, 2004
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To say that you are going to play or are playing nice game of scrabble is to, announce that you are going to take a nap or go to bed or you are already sleeping.
My grandfather decided to play a nice game of scrabble when instead of helping my grandmother
by SweetPicklesYeah July 21, 2018
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Ironic or sarcastic exclamation meaning, "That was really stupid."
Rob: So how's it goin' with Stephanie?
Jim: I accidentally tripped her and gave her a concussion.
Rob: Nice play, Shakespeare!
by xJulia June 19, 2006
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