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the ability to use your hand for masturbation. You can mold your hand into any shape of vagina in which you please. Experts have the ability to use both hands and form a tight, makeshift vagina/asshole.
I was bored in the parking lot so I pulled out my swiss army vagina and ended up creaming all over the steering wheel.
by Gonz!!! May 8, 2009
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verb - While having sex every 20 seconds you switch to a different hole. You do this repeatedly and in any hole you like.
Guy 1:

Hey man last night was crazy. Fucked her in the pussy, then ass, got some head, went for a titty fuck, in the ass again, and the back for some old school pussy.

Guy 2:
Holy shit man. You swiss cheese fucked her.
by Gonz!!! May 5, 2009
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verb - the act of pulling back on your dick and then letting it go. This will cause your penis to fly towards the opposite direction in which you pulled. It is at this moment when the tip of your penis hits the inner corner of a woman's mouth causing her to look like a fish with a hook caught in it's mouth.
My girlfriend just opened her mouth and I just pulled back on my johnson and let him free. Hook Line and Sinker!
by Gonz!!! May 5, 2009
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Verb - The act of stretching a woman's anal cavity to the point where you can drop your balls inside and have her anal cavity appear to suck them in and then close with your balls cozy inside.
I'm going to peter-cottontail my bitch of a girlfriend tonight!
by Gonz!!! April 24, 2009
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