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I was singing along to sk8er boi and people were looking at me funny.
by Gogo February 26, 2004
Original- Israeli (Kochavi). An undergarment holstering only the finest of dills; infrequently worn, but frequently referred to underwear which maintains sturdiness and uniformity for the most beautifully endowed
"I ain't be wearin' no dillpants!"
"Try an' be fillin' a pair of dillpants like Da KoKo, moopitface!"
by Gogo March 1, 2005
A stupid show that is fun to watch on MTV. They take some ones broke down old car and repair the outer parts of it and interior. and usally add one ridiculously stupid part like a mini basket ball court in there trunk or a fooze ball table. Hosted by rap star xzibit (X to the Z) and the employees of West Coast Customs.
man-Yo did you check out that dudes ride?
Girl-Yea xzbit pimped it
Man- Ah nice (grabs part of womens shit and pulls on it once) Youve been pimped!
by Gogo January 29, 2005
In most cases bubble gum.
Created by a man named Andrew who lives in Redlands,California
Got any tez bez?
Yo I need a chew got any tez bez?
Damn bitch you'r breath smells like shit take some of this tez bez!
by Gogo January 2, 2005
Describes a woman who's ass is huge, but her top half is tiny. (Little t-rex arms and wee tits), so she looks like a kangaroo.
Man,look at that marsupial of a chick. She's a kangaroo!
by Gogo April 28, 2004
A fictional race in Star Wars that comes from the planet Iridonia and sports numerous short horns on the top of the head.
Darth Maul is one baddass Zabrak, Eeth Koth isn't quite so cool.
by Gogo April 22, 2005