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beyond discussions of race & racism
Origin: 2008–10, Americanism

Word Origin & History

A term used to describe a society or time period in which discussions around race and racism have been deemed no longer relevant to current social dynamics. Popularized after the election of Barack Obama to the presidency of the United States of America in 2009.
"What? He called you the n-word? I'm sure he didn't mean it in a bad way, because our society is post-racial now."

"Mexicans are always complaining about racism, man. When are they going to figure out that we live in a post-racial society and just get over it?"

"He is post-racial...um...you know I forgot he was black for an hour (but only for an hour)..." ---Chris Matthews
by Godheval February 12, 2010
1. A type of power mongering exercised by members of any nerd community - usually internet-based - and common to online journals, message boards, and wikis.

2. A nerd's exercising of authority on the internet (e.g. on message boards or wikis) to overcompensate for their complete lack of social clout in the real world.
1. Wikipedia is not a democracy, it's a nerdofascist regime.

2. Message boards are infamous for nerdofascism.
by Godheval August 7, 2009
a person able to ignore or deny certain realities, such as racism, sexism, classism, sexualism, ableism, or religious prejudice by virtue of the privilege associated with membership within a dominant group.

Simple Version: A person who just doesn't "get it".

Word Origin & History
A play on words, the pronunciation of “Not-See” invokes the word “Nazi”. The crimes of the former are passive instead of active – those who would turn a blind eye to injustice rather than perpetrating it themselves. The ideologies of both, however, are predicated upon a certain egocentrism, social privilege, and stark self-versus-other mentality.
1. In front of a gathering of people of various backgrounds, a white police officer introduces himself and explains why he came to work in that state.

"I'm here because I couldn't find work in California thanks to Affirmative Action..."

He does NOT SEE what is wrong with this statement and is therefore a Not-See.

2. "My dick is like a white-supremacist" -- John Mayer

Mayer is a Not-See for not realizing how fucked up this statement is.
by Godheval February 12, 2010