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A beautiful island off the south-east coast of the mainland of Australia. Some of these poofy mainland people need to grow up. EVERY Tasmanian you will find has just one head. The Tasmanians I have met besides being helpful and friendly have no need to shag sheep either dickheads. While I'm on the subject does anyone here mention the fact that some mainlanders shag dingoes? Let's leave that one, shall we, for fuck's sakes give it a bone. You people who carry on with this shit, are just a bunch of reetarts. the point is Tasmania is in a state of economic and cultural revival and any of you people who carry on with this two-heads, sheep-shagging and shit, need to get a fucking life!
Go and see Tasmania it's fucking awesome.
by God I love this planet November 04, 2005
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A beautiful country in the South Pacific. New Zealand is NOT the sheep shagging capital of the world, any prat who writes that, should do themselves a favour and LEARN what they are writing about. Roughly 80% of the people are honest, easy-going, relaxed, tolerant, and so on. The other 20% aren't worth worrying about are they? By all means check it out. You'll be glad you did.
New Zealand is one of the most diverse countries in the world.
by God I love this planet March 03, 2006
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To Daryll 999 good sentiments, some Aussies are bastards but not all of them, what's more they did a few polls in Oz about New Zealand, and New Zealand came out on top in most of them. What this translates to is that many Australians like NZ so chill out. And to the person who wrote that "full of racist pricks" bit I'm sorry you feel that way but I know a lot of Kiwis and a lot of them aren't racist, although a good proportion are I guess. Attitudes are changing in NZ toward other races.
Aussie: What country came out the best in those Lowy institute polls?

2nd Aussie: New Zealand actually.

1st Aussie: Hell why can't Kiwis themselves see that?
by God I love this planet December 28, 2005
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A beautiful country full of mostly talented people who don't feel a need to go round kissing the yank president's arse like some Aussies do (feel sorry for the rest though) it's not actually in Europe though as is widely believed by some, sadly it is in close proximity to some ugly Australians. (We have ugly types here too don't worry) we are the first country to fly (Not USA halfwits) and the first to give women the vote and to climb Mt Everest.
New Zealanders who Australia can keep (absolutely)

Russell Crowe

Derryn Hinch

Ex Queensland Premier (Peterson)

Russell Crowe is in no way a New Zealander. He is just a disgrace and a typical example of the ugly Australian.

Time to do away with the sense of inferiority with Australia which some Australians have told me is unnesscessary. I think New Zealand can do it.
by God I love this planet March 23, 2006
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