6 definitions by GoKarunaGo

Hindi word for self radicalised terrorists.
He's a Swayamsevak
by GoKarunaGo January 31, 2020
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Close relatives of Homo habilis who's diet consists of Gobar, Gaumutra and WhatsApp forwards.
Human : Hey, what you said is not true.

Namosapien : What do you know anti national? Do you know read Poopi Hindia? How much is Imran Khan paying you to betray your own country traitor?
by GoKarunaGo February 4, 2021
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Greatest actor in the world. He can cry on cue.
Narendra Modi has a fake degree.
by GoKarunaGo June 18, 2021
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A place in India where cows are more safe than women.
There is a lot of rapes happening in Uttar Pradesh
by GoKarunaGo November 20, 2020
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