3 definitions by Glen Mian

A derivative of Tonk. (To mean, bulky, built, or a person with large muscles or frame). Ronk, takes it a step further. If you're ronk you are not only looking tonk but feeling it and attempting to adjust your shoulders and stick out your chest in such a way as to show the world you're 'RONKED OUT'!!
Am I looking Ronk?!!

I'm feeling kinda 'Ronk'ed out
by Glen Mian September 20, 2007
'Village' is a term used by cricketers (predominantly in England) to refer to either:
a) A very poor cricket team/opposition
b) The literal meaning. A team from outside of major city areas (local teams or non league teams)
c) Can also be used in describing certain types of agricultural shots played by batsman or certain types of bowling, usually slow and slower!
d) Has even been known to refer to certain types of cricket gear (cricket pads with buckles, or a cricketer wearing black socks etc)
"That Team/shot/bowling is/was absolutely Village!!"
by Glen Mian January 31, 2008
When you're told in ONE word, to never SPEAK again. This is usually said because you have cracked a poor joke or are speaking when in fact you should NOT be, as you have NO knowledge of the subject matter.
Are you still Speaking? Creeve
by Glen Mian January 19, 2008