2 definitions by Glen Beck Himself

Medical term for the condition of an individual that has had a Full Frontal Lobotomy
Did you hear about Dave? They took the front of his brain out, now he's a Sean Hannity
by Glen Beck Himself November 8, 2009
1) Mentally unbalanced

2) Alcoholic

3) Of a considerably low I.Q

4) Latent Pedophiliac Homosexual

5) Conspiracy Theorist

6) Lacks understanding of the term 'Teabagging'

7) Broadcaster on the Republican Propaganda Channel

8) Believes in his Aryan background

9) Fat

10) Large male that cries on syndicated television

11) Currently involved in a sexual relationship with Bill O'Rielly
Person 1: What you think of Robert Mugabe then?

Person 2: He's a total Glen Beck.
by Glen Beck Himself November 8, 2009