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by Glass October 16, 2003

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An eating disorder that is characterized by taking photos of desired foodstuffs to avoid feelings of guilt, depression, and self-condemnation.
I _really_ wanted the daisy cookie in the Starbucks display, but I just took a picture instead of the calories. My photorexia has been flaring up lately.
by glass March 21, 2005

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A trucker cap with the mesh backing.
I bet Ashton Kuscher doesn't know the history of the recist behind that vomit strainer on his head.
by glass March 06, 2005

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NOT a male witch. warlock means Oath breaker, truth bender, etc..
No matter what your sex, you're called a witch (or wiccan, if you practice wicca)
'I'm a witch.'
'um... you're a guy. so you're a warlock'
*twitch* 'DIE!!!!'
by Glass October 16, 2003

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To kill one's self. Suicide, self-destructive acts, self-murder, suicide attempts, suicide gesture, suicide ideation, suicidal thoughts
I was glad I got to see Nirvana in concert, and catch Kurt Cobain before Hole drove him gonzo.
by glass March 29, 2005

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