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Do you wanna fuck a random guy but cant because you have a girlfriend? NOT TO WORRY! Become globalsexual! Fuck ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING! Fuck this pillow, fuck this parrot, who cares? What, youre christian? YOU CAN FUCK JESUS TOO!:D
by GitGudBilly June 13, 2017
So when the dinosaurs dun got goofed and became birds, the mammals went in. They evolved and evolved and then. Mammoth. So, a Mammoth lived in the Ice Age where the Earth got frostbite again.It was basically this elephant with long brown hair. It was herbivorous and liked to live in herds. And thats basically it. Not much to it, but it was a pretty cool animal persay. Oh yea, sabretooths and them wolfs killed them.
by GitGudBilly June 13, 2017
He traded his best employees soul to a ghost pirate for 69 cents. Thats all you need to know. Oh yea, he also owns a Fast Food restaurant and apparently fucked a whale. He also fights with a plankton that is a too big for its size.
by GitGudBilly June 13, 2017
Its a serious disease that aims at the -13 year olds. This terrible disease originated by some pedophile smoking. And as he touched all the kiddins, they all became infected. The dab makes you do this movement that consist in coughing in your elbow, but making a straight line with youre other arm. This has infected teachers, parents and even the poor grandparents. Now, this disease itself has no symptoms to the host, but the sight of the dab will make other people cringe so hard they kill themselves. So, the dabs purpose is to control population.
Person1: *makes a bottle flip*

Person2: Whoa bro! Dab!

Person1: *dab*

Person3: *kills himself*
by GitGudBilly June 13, 2017
A tool used to practice blowjobs. Taste like fruits.
Mmm...this Push pop is so big.
by GitGudBilly June 14, 2017
You thought you were safe in rivers? AW HELL NO! Bullshark is here to fuck ypu up! Is it a nice shark? AW HELL NAW! He attack you like if you didnt let him eat his Big Mac!
This is how you eat a human, nigga!
by GitGudBilly June 13, 2017
So apparently the majority of the world was rejected by their mother and have auitism. And use these autism tools. All they do is spin. Thats it. Theres nothing else to it. But, its RADICALLY HIP WITH THE KIDS, SO MAKE SURE TO INFORM DAN TDM TO MAKE EVEN NORE CANCER BY PURCHASING FUCKING 400 DOLLAR AUTISM TOYS. STAY FRESH YOU HOOLIGANS
Whoa bro, mah fidget spinner is 60 dollars!!11111!!!

Me: *gunshot*
by GitGudBilly June 13, 2017