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Giganotosaurus, the largest theropod dinosaur according to official skeletonal fragment remains. Living within the Cenomanian, during 95.6 million years ago the fossil durated evidence considered the time of which it lived. Specimens unearthed in the setting of Argentina shows that the largest theropod record was set for Giganotosaurus, associated with its 6.5 foot long head (2.0 metres), considered also that it was noticably larger than Tyrannosaurus. The discovery was lead by Rudolfo C. and named by his companion in 1995.Giganotosaurus, as a specific specimen, was confirmed in taxon to be of the Allosauridea class, because of similarities in the featured limbs and structures.
Giganotosaurus. Large Carcharodontosaurid during the Cretaceous era, 94 million years ago that exceeds the weight and size of Tyrannosaurus. Species discovered in Argentina during the year 1995 by an argentinean paleontologist and named by his companian. Its competition in size is Spinosaurus. Having a large carnivorous 6.5 feet jaws with 8 inch teeth. Determination of size and taxons are due to scientific methods. Similarities in species are Tyrannotitan, Mapusaurus, Carcharodontosaurus, Allosaurids like Allosaurus and Acrocanthosaurus. Unrelated species are Baryonyx walkeri, Tyrannosaurus rex, Spinosaurus aegyptiacus, and Tarbosaurus bataar. Giganotosaurus, at least 47 ft (14.6 metres) ecosystem with Sarcosuchus, Irritator, Carnotaurus, Tyrannotitan, Mapusaurus. Prey animals are various in sauropods. The largest sauropod as a food source is Argentinosaurus.
by Prehistory96 April 23, 2010
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