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A person who is attracted (and wants to fuck) everything. Like homosexual for a person who is attracted to someone of the same sex, heterosexual to someone of the opposite sex and bisexual to both genders.
Dog: Am I gay?
Dude: I donΒ΄t know. Are you attracted to man dogs?
Dog: Yes.
Dog: And lady dogs
Dog: And chairs
Dog: And pillows
Dog: And ducks
Dog: I want to make love to the whole world
Dude: Right. You're Globalsexual
by wallo June 28, 2012
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Do you wanna fuck a random guy but cant because you have a girlfriend? NOT TO WORRY! Become globalsexual! Fuck ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING! Fuck this pillow, fuck this parrot, who cares? What, youre christian? YOU CAN FUCK JESUS TOO!:D
by GitGudBilly June 13, 2017
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