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The act of nibbling and simultaneously sucking a body part, often associated with making out or foreplay.
When I'm kissing my boyfriend I love to nibblesuck his bottom lip.
by George Doula February 14, 2008
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Arguments between geeks, typically in a forum, message board or chat room setting. Often arguing over opinions and speculations with no concrete evidence to back up their theories.
Before the movie Cloverfield was released, there were geekuments all over the internet as to what the monster really was.
by George Doula January 23, 2008
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When your computer is running slower than usual.
Me: Dude, my shit is running slow today...I think it has compstipation.

Creeyer: This is why you need to connect to the internet thru 'fiber'-optic cables!
by George Doula March 05, 2008
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